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Welcome to Chef Station's Thai Chef Training - Embrace Your Culinary Passion Today

Thai Cuisine Kickstarter

Perfect for beginners eager to dive into the basics of Thai cuisine
฿ 15K
  • 7 Days/ 35 Hours
  • 10 Menus
  • Market Visit
  • Recipe Book (pdf)
  • Certificate
  • 3 Days Intern

Thai Cuisine Champion

Ideal for intermediate learners ready to expand their knowledge and skills in Thai cooking
฿ 25K
  • 14 Days/ 70 Hours
  • 25 Menus
  • Market Visit X 2
  • Recipe Book (pdf)
  • Certificate
  • 3 Days Intern
  • 1 Day on the Job

Thai Cuisine Maestro

Tailored for advanced learners striving to perfect their art and emerge as professionals in Thai cuisine
฿ 45K
  • 30 Days/ 105 Hours
  • 50 Menus
  • Market Visit X 3
  • Thai Food Tour
  • Recipe Book (print)
  • Certificate
  • Career Counseling
  • 7 Days Intern
  • 3 Days on the Job
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Thai Chef Training Introduction

Take a leap into the realm of vibrant flavors with our immersive Thai Chef Training. We don’t just teach you to cook; we take you on a journey into the heart of Thai cuisine, known for its captivating blend of spicy, sweet, sour, and salty notes.

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About Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine, with its intricate balance of flavors and textures, is a gastronomic adventure. A journey through Thailand's culinary landscape reveals a myriad of regional differences, from the fiery dishes of the Northeast to the coastal curries of the South.

Course Details

Stir Fry
Unleash the magic of the wok as you master the heat and learn the art of 'wok.'

Discover the secret to delectable broths and stews, simmered to perfection for soul-soothing flavor.

Deep Fry
Get crispy, golden results every time with expert temperature control and timing guidance.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you'll have a deep understanding of Thai ingredients and techniques, the ability to prepare authentic Thai meals, and a hands-on experience that sets you apart from the crowd.

Course Format

Our Thai Chef Training is an in-person course, including unique features like a tour to the local markets to learn about fresh ingredients, and an internship opportunity that gives you real-world restaurant experience.

Chef Station Chefs

Meet the Instructors

Our seasoned chefs are experts in Thai cuisine, eager to share their knowledge and hands-on experience.

Real Student Testimonials

Intern at Our Restaurants

An internship at the Thai Restaurants is a rare gem for aspiring Thai chefs at Chef Station. This hands-on experience is an invaluable springboard into professional Thai cooking.

Chef Training Internship Opportunity

Chef Career Counselling

Our students have made their mark globally, securing positions as Thai and Japanese chefs in Taiwan, Laos, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and beyond. Our Chef Training Center offers FREE career counseling (worth 3,590.00 THB). Embrace the world of opportunities that await at Chef Station.

Are you Ready to spice up your culinary journey as a Trained Thai Chef?

Chef Station Thai Chef Training FAQ

The Thai Chef Training course runs for a duration of 7 days, 14 days or 30 days. This length allows for a thorough understanding and hands-on practice of Thai cooking techniques.

Not at all! We welcome all levels of cooking enthusiasts, from novices to seasoned cooks. Our instructors adapt their teaching to your skill level, making sure everyone benefits from the course.

Yes, upon successful completion of the Thai Chef Training course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Chef Station.

We provide all the necessary ingredients and cooking utensils for each class. However, if you have a preferred cooking tool, feel free to bring it along.

To provide individual attention and a quality learning experience, we limit our class size to 3 students.

Our Thai Chef Training course offers an internship in a professional restaurant, where you’ll get hands-on experience serving actual customers. Also, we take our students on guided tours of local markets to learn about ingredient selection.

Led by our expert chefs, you will learn how to choose the freshest ingredients for Thai cuisine during the market tour. This interactive experience helps you learn the ins and outs of sourcing the best produce.

Yes, we make every effort to cater to students with dietary restrictions or allergies. Please inform us in advance so we can customize your learning experience.

Please contact us directly at the Chef Station Thai Chef Training page for details about the cost and payment options for our Thai Chef Training course.

You can enroll in our course by clicking on the “Enroll Now” button on our website. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at Contact Chef Station | Chef Training & Restaurant Consulting

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