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Chefs of Chef Station Bangkok

Welcome to CHEF Station

Where every bite tells a story.

We're not just chefs but storytellers, innovation drivers, and culinary artists bound by a shared passion for all things gastronomic.

Chef Station, Bangkok Restaurant Consultant, and Chef Training Center are led by renowned experts, who craft diverse dining experiences in a variety of world cuisines.

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Chef Omey

Ahtapol ThongSima (Chef Omey)

Food artist meets business strategist. Chef Omey is about infusing traditional wisdom with a modern flair. Thai and Japanese cuisine specialist. Shaping the future of cuisine, one dish at a time. He loves to explore, innovate, and bring fun to his culinary journey.

Jiratchaya Boonlong (Chef Fon)

Culinary artist. Food stylist. Humor-infused home cook. She is creating Thai and Japanese masterpieces while blurring the line between chef and artist. Food is fun in her world. Travel lover capturing her culinary journey one frame at a time.

Chef Agape
Chef Maryline Rimpa

Maryline Rimpa (Chef Maryline)

Culinary virtuoso Maryline Rimpa - blending tradition and innovation on a plate. Certified Thai Cuisine specialist, foodie entrepreneur, and online community cultivator. Passionate about creating unforgettable dining experiences and poised for the next gastronomic adventure.

Unleash a culinary revolution with Chef Station. Their fusion of tradition & innovation, unique culinary artistry, and entrepreneurial spirit can transform your restaurant into a profitable customer magnet, creating unforgettable dining experiences.

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CHEF Station FAQ

Chef Station is a unique consultancy platform where experienced chefs provide restaurant consultancy and chef training in various cuisines like Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and Indian.

Our panel includes experienced chefs with expertise in various global cuisines. This includes renowned chefs like Chef Omey, Chef Fon, and Chef Maryline, experts in Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and Indian Cuisine.

Chef Station offers comprehensive restaurant consultancy services, including menu planning, management, and staff training. We provide chef training in various cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and Indian.

Our experienced chefs at Chef Station offer training for various global cuisines, including Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and Indian Cuisine.

Chef Station can transform your restaurant business through strategic consultancy, expert chef training, effective restaurant management, and innovative menu planning. Our seasoned chefs can help enhance your culinary skills and offer strategies to increase profitability.

At Chef Station, restaurant consultancy encompasses everything from enhancing culinary skills and menu development to implementing effective restaurant management strategies and customer retention techniques.

Chef Station offers comprehensive staff training by experienced chefs in various cuisines, such as Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and Indian, to enhance culinary skills and improve restaurant service.

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"Crafting Culinary Dreams - Igniting Success with Expert Chef Training & Consultation"

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